This is the Mask FDA Approved Medical Mask 100pcs


This is the mask is FDA Approved intended to be worn by general public or healthcare personnel. The mask covers the user’s nose and mouth, meets fluid barrier and filtration 99% efficiency levels.

THIS IS THE MASK Korean number one KF94 99.9%  protection Mask by Comatech to protect against viruses and bacteria. .KOREA Government MFDS Certified KF94 Product. 100% Percent Made in Korea Without Outsourcing. 100% made with Korean raw material and machinery without importing,  100% Manufactured inside the Factory with thorough hygienic management.

4-Ply Structured Filter, using a highly efficient static electricity filter.

Hypoallergenic fabric with soft touch.

3 Tier foldable, 3D structure

With a functional nose support and excellent adhesion.

High elastic ear band using highly efficient fabric with soft touch..

Material: high-density non-woven fabric.3D three-dimensional design with fluffy, breathable and soft, will not cause the fog when wearing glasses.
Adjustable nose bridge and elastic earloop has enough elasticity to make a good seal.
filters out dust, germs, smoke, pollution and almost 99.9% particles in the air.


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